2007 MFA, California Institute of the Arts
2004 BFA, California Institute of the Arts

Selected Exhibitions and Performances
*indicates solo or two person exhibition
More is Different, Curated by GAIT, Elevator Mondays, Los Angeles CA
Independence Day, Performance with Kim Calder, Poetic Research Bureau, Los Angeles CA
Tag Sale + Salad for President Book Launch, Night Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Pasadena Arts Council Benefit Auction, Curated by VOLUME, Pasadena CA
FAR Bazaar, Performance with Kim Calder, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Norwalk CA
The Upper Deep, Curated by Lia Trinka-Browner, Open House, Los Angeles CA
Open Press, Insert Blanc HQ, Los Angeles CA
Event October Horizon*, Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles CA
Peak Experiences, Shangrila, Joshua Tree CA
Lawn Ornaments, Outside Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Women vs Children, Performance with Diego J. Garza, EarMeal Webcast, Los Angeles CA
Terrifying Photo Book Launch, Performance with Diego J. Garza, LAABF at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles CA
All Day Collapse*, Conley Gallery at CSU Fresno, Fresno CA
Tip the Wink, Curated by Short HouseThe Institute of Jamais Vu, London UK
Refuse Prize*, Collaboration with Ben White, Elephant, Los Angeles CA
Medium Medium: Language in the Age of Digital Reproducibility, Hedreen Gallery, Seattle University,
Seattle WA
Cinderella Ashtray, Curated by Katharina Weinstock, Concord, Los Angeles CA
Burrito Deluxe, Performance with Diego J. Garza, Shangrila, Joshua Tree CA
A Show for You, Curated by Mathew Timmons and Chris Niemi, General Projects, Los Angeles CA
9 Photographs*, Weekend, Los Angeles CA
Greg Curtis and Caleb Jones Lyons*, Elephant, Los Angeles CA
Play of Difference, Performance with Kim Calder, Curated by Geneva Skeen, The Pop-Hop, Los Angeles CA
Casual Dancing, Curated by Greg Curtis and Bianca D’Amico, Elephant, Los Angeles CA
Once Emerging, Now Emerging: Livin' L.A., Curated by Aaron Wrinkle and Jean Milant, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Wreckage Upon Wreckage, Curated by Dan Lorraine, Land of Tomorrow, Lexington KY
Lived Experience, Performance with Diego J. Garza, Huntington Apartments, Los Angeles CA
10 Summer Hits, Curated by Ben White, Blythe Projects, Culver City CA
Summer Dudes, Curated by Aaron Wrinkle, Dan Graham, Los Angeles CA
Neither Swords Nor Plowshares: Functional Futilities, Performance with Diego J. Garza, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Norwalk CA
Lime Disaster*, Gallery 1927, Los Angeles CA
1969, Performance with Diego J. Garza, Curated by Vincent Ramos, Dan Graham, Los Angeles CA
The Holographic Principle, Curated by Jason Kunke, Sea & Space Explorations, Los Angeles CA
Call Me Lightning, Performance with Diego J. Garza, Curated by Vincent Ramos, Fellows of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles CA
Art College Radio, Performance with Diego J. Garza, Curated by Luke Turner and Joseph Tanke, Orange Alley Projects, San Francisco CA
Small (Though Your Heart is Breaking), Curated by Kristen English and Kelli Manthei, Gallery 1927, Los Angeles, CA
Exchange Rate, Curated by Elana Mann, Trade & Row, Los Angeles CA
Ornament is a Crime, Curated by Kristen English and Kelli Manthei, Gallery 1927, Los Angeles CA
Forever, Curated by Eungie Joo and Clara Kim, 915 Mateo, Los Angeles CA
Exquisite Acts & Everyday Rebellions, Curated by Elana Mann, Theresa Masangkay, and Vincent Ramos, CalArts, Valencia CA

Curatorial Projects

In Chambers, Ms Barbers, Los Angeles CA
Casual Dancing, Co-curated with Bianca D'Amico, Elephant, Los Angeles CA

Greg Curtis, Kim Calder, and Ariel Evans: Independence Day, Insert Blanc Press, 2018
Greg Curtis and Ben White: Refuse Prize, Insert Blanc Press, 2015
Timmons, Mathew: Terrifying Photo, Wonder Press, 2015
David Richards and Geoff Tuck: The Parkfield Review # 4, 2013-14
O'Brien, David John: Cirrus Gallery: Talkin' 'bout that PST Generation, Artillery, June/ July 2012
Tovey, Emma-Louise: Thirteen Years of Fortune and Fame, Flaunt, Spring 2012
Leib, Rebecca: 10 Summer Hits at Blythe Projects, Art Ltd., September/ October 2010